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Safe and Strong

Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 2967472
Everyone is different, but the right fit should always be comfortable and secure. The Durex Extra Safe condom is one of the thickest condoms from Durex and is performed with a reservoir and extra lubricant for more comfortNo contraceptive method offers you 100% reliable protection against pregnancy,..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 7025958
Durex Extra Safe is designed for those who want peace of mind in knowing that the condom they are using is safe. However, just because you want the peace of mind that comes with extra reassurance doesn't mean you want to sacrifice comfort - and with the Extra Safe you don't have to. The special way ..
Brand: Secura Kondome Model: 416622
The transparent condoms Extra Safe from Secura for a longer-lasting fun bed! The increased wall thickness reduces friction on the glans and kann thus increasing stamina during intercourse. Additionally, they offer increased safety during anal sex. With a silicone-based coating for long-lasting lubri..
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