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Remote Control Toys

Remote control sex toys are discreetly sex toys powered using an external remote control. Common versions include clitoral simulators and butt plugs, though there are many other types of this innovative sex toy! That may sound a bit clinical, but the remote sex toy is actually a very versatile and exciting adult toy, allowing you or your partner to adjust the intensity, pattern, or other features of the sex toy from a distance.

While some remote sex toys have wires, which don’t allow for much distance between the partner controlling the toy and the one wearing it, others can be controlled via wireless remotes or apps. The ability to control your partner’s sexual arousal can create more spontaneity during bedroom play – and, the power of these toys allows them to be taken outside of the bedroom if that’s something you both want to explore.

Types of Remote Control Sex Toys

Vibrating Eggs - These small, egg-shaped devices are designed for external or internal use and are ideal for solo or couples play. The compact size allows for easy insertion, and the remote function lets you adjust the vibration patterns and intensity.

Clitoral Vibrators - Remote-controlled clitoral vibrators are specifically designed to target and stimulate the clitoris. The remote feature allows for hands-free operation, giving you the freedom to explore new sensations without interruption.

Butt Plugs - Remote-controlled butt plugs are designed for anal stimulation and come in various sizes to accommodate different experience levels. The remote control allows you or your partner to control the vibration patterns or intensity, adding more anticipation to anal play.

Remote Control Dildos - Dildos equipped with remote control functionality provide a hands-free experience for you or your partner. The remote control allows for easy adjustment of the dildo's vibrations or thrusting motions, enhancing the overall experience.

G-Spot Simulators - These sex toys often have a curved shape to provide optimal stimulation to the G-spot. With remote control capabilities, you can customise the patterns and intensities to discover what works best for you.

How App-Controlled Sex Toys Can Improve Your Sex Life

One of the best benefits of app-controlled sex toys is the ability to engage with your partner in unique and intimate ways. These apps often feature user-friendly interfaces that give you seamless connectivity, whether you're in the same room or miles apart (though you should check the manual to learn how far the connection reaches for the device you’ve purchased).

Couples can take turns controlling the device, creating a shared experience that builds anticipation and enhances mutual satisfaction. We encourage long-distance couples to purchase two app-controlled sex toys so that you can both control and use one for better long-distance bedroom play. App-controlled sex toys add an element of playfulness to couples' sex lives, allowing them to explore new sensations together.

How Do Remote Control Vibrators Work?

Remote control vibrators generally consist of a vibrator unit and a remote control. The vibrator is equipped with a motor that produces vibrations, and it may have different vibration patterns and intensity levels. The vibrator and remote control are paired through wireless connectivity, most commonly Bluetooth.

Once paired, the remote control should have buttons that allow you to control the various features of the vibrator. These features may include vibration intensity, different vibration patterns, or even controlling specific functions like thrusting and warming.

How Do App-Controlled Sex Toys Work?

App-controlled sex toys offer a few advantages over their remote-controlled counterparts. While both types allow users to customise their experiences, app-controlled toys use smartphone applications to establish a connection between the user's device and the sex toy.

The main difference beyond the remote function lies in the features available through the apps, allowing users to create custom vibration patterns, sync with music or ambient sounds, and even control the device remotely over the internet.

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How Secure and Private are App-Controlled Sex Toys?

Privacy and security are paramount when it comes to intimate devices. App-controlled sex toys utilise encrypted connections to safeguard users' privacy. The encryption ensures that the communication between the app and the device remains confidential.

Can App-Controlled Sex Toys Be Used Long-Distance?

Yes, one of the significant advantages of app-controlled sex toys is their long-distance functionality. As long as both the device and the controlling smartphone have internet connectivity, users can enjoy synchronised pleasure even when they’re miles apart.

Are Remote Control Butt Plugs Safe for Beginners?

Remote control butt plugs cater to a range of experience levels, including beginners. These devices often come in various sizes, with tapered designs for ease of insertion. The remote control aspect allows users to change the intensity of vibrations, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for those new to anal play.

What Lubricant Should You Use with Remote Control Sex Toys?

Choosing the right lubricant is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience with remote control sex toys. Water-based lubricants are generally safe for most devices. Avoid silicone-based lubricants if the toy is made of silicone, as they may degrade the material.

Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-0088-10-3
"The perfect accessory for your little black dress". Stretch-to-fit sexy lace thong/panty with adjustable satin ties and a secret pocket for secure bullet placement. Discreet and powerful remote control body forming curved bullet. 10 incredible functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Cust..
Brand: Shots Toys Model: SHT025PUR
This big wireless vibrating egg has 10 different, very exciting positions, all adjustable with the wireless remote control. From a comfortable, gentle position to an extremely strong vibrating position you control it with your wireless remote from up to 20 metres away.The egg has a soft, silky layer..
Brand: PipeDream Model: PD4771-23
When you're looking to take your anal play to the next level, the Anal Fantasy Elite Collection is the premier choice for high-end anal arousal and prostate play. Made from our ultra-hygienic Elite Silicone, the Elite Collection is body-safe, phthalate-free, latex-free and made to play hard. Using t..
£51.29 £53.99
Brand: Various Toy Brands Model: GM-384
9-Speed APP Control Vibrator with Sucking FunctionMaterial Medical Grade SiliconeVibration 9 SpeedsSucking YesUSB RechargeableLength 12 CM, 4.7 InchesDiameter 4.9 CM, 1.9 InchesWaterproofPacking List1 x Silicone Vibrator1 x USB Recharging Cable1 x Instruction..
Brand: Dorcel Model: 6072097
The Secret Delight, A new generation vibrating egg. This sex toy offers a new design, a new engine and new features for even more fun.With its golden ring and pink colour, this sex toy for torque is as elegant as it is efficient.The Secret Delight is 12.5 cm long, with a 7 cm insertion part. As with..
Brand: Dorcel Model: 6071625
Secret Vibe 2, enjoy secret pleasure with your partner for twice as much intensity!Experience twice as many thrilling and unique experiences with this vibrating egg, which is now rechargeable.This version 2 of the Secret Vibe is resolutely innovative and even more erotic.Its remote control offers me..
Brand: Dream Toys Model: 21941
Glass plugs are great. Vibrating plugs are exciting. So why not combine those properties into a vibrating glass plug for even more pleasure! This Glamour Glass anal plug is made of Borosilicate glass which is very strong, non-porous and safe for the body. The plug has a smooth tapered shape for easy..
Brand: Je Joue Model: 971956
App-controlled butt-plug for couples playThe world's first dual-motor butt plug. With remote control options (locally with the Je Joue app and long distance playlist function) Nuo enhances seduction and intensifies pleasure. Partner play becomes more of a tease with our elegant remote and easy-to-us..
Brand: Lelo Model: LELO9346
The ultimate couples massager that enhances lovemaking and boosts her chances of orgasming during penetrative sex, the Lelo Tiani 3 Cerise Luxury Rechargeable Massager is a stunning sex toy. Opulent and desirable, not only is this couples vibrator a breeze to use but its a real investment piece than..
Brand: Love To Love Model: R6636
Take your sensations to the next level with Wonderlove! The clitoral stimulator and the G-spot stimulator each has its own motor with 5 vibration modes. The toy also comes with a remote control so you can use it alone or with a partner. Its ergonomic design is perfectly adapted to the female anatomy..
Brand: Love To Love Model: R6638
FEEL LOVE – Remote Control Vibrating EggDISTANCE BRINGS YOU CLOSERElegant and discreet this powerful vibrating egg made of 100% silicone will spice up your lovelife in a second. Thanks to its 10 modes of vibration it offers an explosion of sensation. Played solo or duo, Feel Love makes an excellent ..
Brand: Magic Motion Model: 103253
Be controlled no matter where you are with our Magic Motion App. A handy pocket-size vibrator for clitoral and vaginal stimulation that is easy to be operated by a single push-button. This mini vibrator is rechargeable by USB and provides you powerful vibrations over a range of 7 patterns. Size 34x3..
Brand: Magic Motion Model: 103246
Be controlled no matter where you are with our Magic Motion App. A handy pocket-size vibrator for clitoral and vaginal stimulation that is easy to be operated by a single push-button. This mini vibrator is rechargeable by USB and provides you powerful vibrations over a range of 7 patterns. Size 34x3..
Brand: Magic Motion Model: 6103062
Be controlled no matter where you are with our Magic Motion App. A handy pocket-size vibrator for clitoral and vaginal stimulation that is easy to operate by a single push-button. This mini vibrator is rechargeable by USB and provides you powerful vibrations over a range of 7 patterns.Size. 27x37x95..
Brand: Nexus Model: ACE002
Nexus Ace is the ultimate butt plug!This Large sized vibrating butt plug is made from silky quality silicone and has small stimulation ridges on the shaft. Enjoy six powerful and quiet functions including 3 x vibration, 2 x pulsation and 1 x escalation.Control using the button on the underside of th..
Brand: Nexus Model: ACE003
This high end, rechargeable butt plug creates tingling tremors that will resonate deep in the anal passage, creating pleasurable sensations unlike any other. Made from super soft, black silicone, and measuring 4 inches in insertable length, the tapered plug is ideally built for easy and pleasurable ..
Brand: OhMiBod Model: E23113
Let the DJ spin the journey. OhMiBod's Club Vibe 2.OH will take you to the destination. Club Vibe 2.OH is a revolutionary wireless and USB rechargeable remote control vibrator. This sophisticated, lightweight and slim line vibe begs to be worn out on the town. Tucked away neatly in its custom black ..
Brand: OhMiBod Model: CLVH03
Feel the music with the Club Vibe line's newest addition, a remote-controlled vibrating plug with a stimulating curved design.Rock to the beat. Move with the rhythm. Tap into the art of the tease. Club Vibe 3.OH Hero is a discreet wearable vibrating plug designed to please-in privacy or on-the-go. Y..
Brand: OhMiBod Model: E22540
When it is connected to an iPod or iPhone, or any mp3 player, the vibe will pulsate to the music giving you a unique dual sensory experience with ultimate freedom of movement and motion.Connect the iPod to a home speaker system with the cable provided and Freestyle G becomes the perfect accessory fo..
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-0076-10-3
Remote control stimulator with a full 15 meter range 7 functions of intense vibration, pulsation and escalation. Easy touch controller with LED and auto off button...
Brand: Nasswalk Toys Model: N2317-2
10 functions. Wireless remote control slim bullet. Intense orgasmic pleasure. Waterproof bullet. Phthalates free...
Brand: Nasswalk Toys Model: N2316-2
10 functions. Wireless remote control buttplug. Intense anal pleasure. Waterproof buttplug. Phthalates free. RoHS compliant. Material: Buttplug-SEBS, Remote-ABS with PU coating...
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-0077-50-3
Lock-n-play remote petite panty teaser.Thoughtfully architected for mutual pleasure. Make more of your intimate moments.Designed for easy use, you'll find operation a snap even on the darkest night. Frustration-free and perfect for pleasure, just one push brings intense stimulation your way.12 Funct..
Brand: Rocks Off Ltd Model: 10KNICBURG
Let go and smoother yourself with pure self-indulgent pleasure as you or your lover strokes and teasers your most secret places with this beautifully detailed but oh so powerful little passion pleaser. Feminine, delightful and shaped to niche intimately and seductively to your body, Knickerbocker Gl..
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