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Brand: Clean Stream Model: CS11-LE776
The Shower Enema System has been improved! This enema kit now includes a free narrow nozzle. New, longer 6 foot hose makes your enema time much more convenient. You use the shower knob to regulate the force of water through the hose into their ass. This allows for a more gradual and comfortable enem..
Brand: Clean Stream Model: CS-AC489
With the CleanStream Silicone Comfort Nozzle, you can add length and flexible comfort to your cleansing routine. This pure silicone nozzle attaches directly to your CleanStream metal shower system or any of our CleanStram bag systems. With added length, flexibility, and soft, supple silicone materia..
Brand: Clean Stream Model: CS-AD431
These versatile enema attachments make this se the perfect bathroom accessory for intimate water play. With two uniquely shaped attachments and one slim tapered tip, CleanStream has your cleansing regimen covered! Each attachment is made of body safe, premium silicone, so it is flexible enough to be..
Brand: Clean Stream Model: CS-AC468
The CleanStream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit is an easy-to-use and effective cleaning system that has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. This kit includes one tapered tip, one nozzle tip, one easy hang hook, a flow control clamp, adapter, and 5 feet of flexible tubing. The wat..
Brand: Clean Stream Model: CS5-CM010
The CleanStream Water Bottle Douche Kit is an easy to use and effective douche system. It has everything you need for a thorough and comfortable cleanse. The kit includes one enema tip, one vaginal tip, one stopper and hook, a shut off clamp, adapter, and tubing. The water bottle is made of premium ..
Brand: Exs Condoms Model: LUBE250CLEAR
Whether you want to add a little slip-and-slide to your sex life or need lube for medical reasons, there's no better lubricant than the EXS Clear lube.It's not too sticky, not too thick, and doesn't leave an icky feeling afterwards.Plus it has NO SMELL, which a lot of other natural lubes do. The pum..
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-6876-10-3
Advanced hygienically superior cleaning system. Universal adaptor with permanent directional valve allows user to quickly switch from the faucet or shower to the Advanced Shower Shot. Installs easily in shower, bath, or sink. Over 1.75m non-tarnishing, Nickel-Free, non-crimping hose. 3 variable spra..
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-6875-00-3
Stay clean and stimulated with the COLT Anal Douche easy-to-use cleaning system with dual attachments and EZ squeeze bulb. Crafted of ABS and rubber, this anal douche is as safe as it is cleansing and sensual.The COLT Anal Douche disassembles for easy cleaning, too. This reusable douche is long-last..
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-6874-10-2
COLT Bum Buddy anal douche is a premium cleaning system that holds up to a whopping 15.5 fl oz! With COLT-sized capacity, the Bum Buddy will make sure that you are extra clean so that you have no disruptions in the fun. The oversized easy squeeze silicone bulb is perfect to fill with warm water or y..
Brand: California Exotic Model: SE-6876-00-3
For the ultimate anal douche, the COLT Shower Shot is attached easily to any shower for high quality, bang-able clean experience. Featuring a removable, perforated, jelly-soft, dong-shaped nozzle that connects to almost any shower, this douche is as effective as it is fun. Cleaning will be non-stop ..
Brand: Hott Products Unlimited Model: WT2987
Pucker up and get ready to suck with the great tasting Dick Lips edible gummy cock rings.Made from great tasting fruity flavoured gummy candy.These great tasting stretchy gummy lips easily slide on to your member and create a delicate edible experience that you and your lover will not soon forget! I..
Brand: Dorcel Model: 6072462
Douche Mate is a pear-shaped enema with a 350 ml water tank. The flexible tip is equipped with 6 multidirectional jets to enjoy 360 cleansings. When the water comes out, it washes the user thoroughly and stimulates the pleasure parts. Effective cleansingLarge water capacityEasy and safe insertionDis..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 7036428
Durex Extended Pleasure condoms contain a special lube called Benzocaine inside the condom which helps the man to delay climax and prolong excitement for longer-lasting sex. Pack of 12 condoms.  ..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 2967472
Everyone is different, but the right fit should always be comfortable and secure. The Durex Extra Safe condom is one of the thickest condoms from Durex and is performed with a reservoir and extra lubricant for more comfortNo contraceptive method offers you 100% reliable protection against pregnancy,..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 7038828
Feeling is exactly what you will get with this classic, lust-have lube.Light and smooth water-based gel for smooth oral, vaginal and anal sexual pleasure.Non-staining and non-greasy this lube washes off easily.Condom friendly, gentle on the skin and helps to ease discomfort from vaginal dryness Ingr..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 7567272
Durex Intense Condoms help make sex better for both, heightening arousal and increasing pleasure. These condoms are lubricated with stimulating gel that increases the sensitivity of her intimate areas and brings warming, cooling or tingling sensations, whilst the ribs and dots offer additional stimu..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 3224021
Durex Massage Lube is a unique sensual massage lube perfect for foreplay and uses in intimate areas. Smooth, silky and sensual, Durex Massage also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for optimal skin health and nourishment. It is also sensitive enough to use on all parts of the body. Designed for use a..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 7045062
Ribs and Dots are designed to speed her up, with Performa lubricant to slow him down. Durex Mutual Climax condoms are designed for an intense experience for you both, helping towards the mutual climax. The condom has ribs and dots on the outside to speed her up, and benzocaine lube on the inside to ..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 0707
For many, the wearing of condoms has an unnatural feel and they think it blocks sensation, however in this day and age that is no longer necessary with Durex Natural you get a totally natural feel and sensation. The reassurance of protectiveness with the bonus of a natural feel!(Pack of 3 condoms)Fe..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 2968424
Everyone is different, but the right fit should always be comfortable and secure. The condoms are made of transparent, natural rubber latex and have a pleasant smell. The Pleasure-Fit fit with the reservoir is specially shaped for more comfort.No contraceptive method offers you 100% reliable protect..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 7576885
Why not add some Strawberry delights to your sexual exploits?!Oral, vaginal, or anal add some strawberry indulgence to your guilty pleasures!Durex has taken the much-loved, rich aroma and fruity taste of Strawberries and bottled it as a lube.A sugar-free formula created for smoothness and comfortCom..
Brand: Durex Condoms Model: 7030891
Durex Surprise Me Condoms is the perfect mix for maximum pleasure. Contains,10 x Thin Feel Condoms 10 x Extra Safe Condoms 10 x Tickle Me Condoms 10 x Pleasure Me Condoms..
Brand: Exs Condoms Model: 1000240
If you need a bigger size condom then EXS Magnum is the one for you.They come with a 60mm width and a flared teat end for extra comfort.Vegan-approved and Cruelty-Free. EXS are vegan approved. EXS take great pride in being cruelty-free with no animal testing whatsoever. EXS standards have been award..
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