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Monster Toys

Brand: Monster Toys Model: 3760281712685
The Banshi dildo from the Monster Toys range is a 16cm insertable length dildo with a width ranging from 4.5 to 8cm. The shape is original and surprising with a strongly raised surface. It brings intense sensations. The top of the dildo has a pointed glans to give exciting pleasure from the start of..
Brand: Monster Toys Model: 3760281712593
The Giclore dildo from the Monster Toys range is a 20cm insertable length dildo with a different width depending on the parts.The top of the dildo is 7cm wide. This width reaches 8.5cm in the center of the dildo. The shape is amazing and gives extreme sensations. The pleasure is intense from the sta..
Brand: Monster Toys Model: 3760281713682
The Gizmo plug from the Monster Toys range is a 17cm insertable length toy of various widths, the largest of which is 9.3cm. The shape is amazing and gives very exciting sensations. The surface of the dildo is embossed and insertion is a challenge at all times. The base is flat...
Brand: Monster Toys Model: 3760281712616
The Megator dildo from the Monster Toys range is a 32cm insertable length dildo and a maximum which has a width of 9cm. The shape is curved with a pointed tassel to gently start the insertion. The width changes very quickly and then gives very intense and exciting sensations. The surface of the dild..
Brand: Monster Toys Model: 3662811412655
The PALM ISLE dildo from the MONSTER TOYS range is a sextoy consisting of an insertable length of 23cm and a maximum width of 5.3cm.His surface is designed with a relief imitating snake skin.With a suction cup base.It is made of quality vinyl..
Brand: Monster Toys Model: 3662811295715
This Triple Frog dildo is a toy from the Monster Toys range. It is composed of an insertable length of 18cm and a width of 5.5cm.The shape has multiple tiers with a textured surface. It uses certain contours of frogs to bring the fun.Made of quality vinyl...
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